ICC Debt Group,Inc. FAQ

We begin collection proceedings immediately upon receipt of your request by sending a letter advising the debtor that the account has been placed with ICC Debt Group, Inc.

By law, as a collection agency, we are required to inform the debtor of his/her rights and provide him/her with pertinent information regarding his/her past-due account.

Therefore, in our initial communication we include:

The name of the creditor

The amount due

A notice that the debtor has thirty (30) days from the date of the letter to dispute the claim and/or request verification of the debt.

How long do you continue collections efforts?

It depends on the individual case, but roughly we recommend 90 – 120 days.

Do you report accounts to credit bureaus?

We do in most cases report accounts to D and B, unless you as our client request we do not.

How much do you charge for collections?

We only charge if we collect, and rates are very competitive in this market.

Do you send us reports monthly?

We send reports monthly, or as needed.

What do you do if it gets to a point where an Attorney needs to be involved?

All considerations will be discussed with the client, and they will be given all options for resolution.

How can I submit accounts to your agency?

You can submit on the web at www.gdcollectionagency.com or by fax to 646-859-7724

What is the minimum amount or number of accounts I can submit to ICC Debt Group, Inc.?

There is no minimum or maximum.

Please call: 800-784-2301 or email: sales@gdcollectionagency.com